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Multi-Team Schedules!

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Have more than one team in your family? Grandparents need a simple schedule for all the grandkids? Tired of juggling multiple schedules? No problem! has a combined schedule function. Simply click here and a list of every team in the system for this season will be displayed (give it a second or two - it's a long list!). Then check off each team you want on the schedule and click "Make Schedule". It's that simple - give it a try today!

Information for Parents & Coaches...

Welcome to the home for your league's playing schedules. To view schedules and/or standings, just click the Schedules link above, enter the requested information and we will grab the schedule for you! No account or login needed! If you notice some information that is incorrect, contact your league representative.

Information For Referees...

To get game assignments or check previously requested assignments, you will need to login. If you have not signed in to this site before, but believe you may have an account here, try the "forgot password" link on the Log-In page. If you still can't get in, try contacting us. If you are new here, then create a new account via the "New Account" link on the Log-In page.


By now you've probably noticed we've made a few changes around the site!

One change we made to improve things for the referees is to move away from email based logins. We will now have separate logins and email addresses (allows referees to share email addresses). Your new login will be your first and last name combined (ie Josh Smith will have a login of JoshSmith). Once you have logged in, click the "My Account" icon in the menu bar to change your login and update all your contact info.

The other change we made was to upgrade all the security on the site. This includes the way we have been storing your passwords. However, this means that you will have to reset your password to access the site. You can use the automated password reset or if you need a hand with this, email us here with your new requested password.